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that which is unseen...

for chamber orchestra

8 mins

Forest of Steles

for large ensemble

10 mins

A Cave of One's Own

for sitar and SATB

3 mins


for violin and cimbalom

5 mins



With Thee

for solo piano

6 mins


Forget Me Not

for solo piano

1 min

New Genus

for chamber opera

20 mins



for solo guitar

9 mins


for soprano and viola

10 mins

Now I will do nothing but listen

(for cinematic dance and performance)

for ensemble

10 mins



One Cup of Milk

for mezzo duet and piano

7 mins


Ensō (for dance)

for cello, double bass and percussion

19 mins


Pilgrim of the Clouds

For tenor, violin, viola and cello

7 mins



for flute, piano and yangqin

7 mins




One Undivided

for erhu, pipa, yangqin, zheng and string quartet

10 mins



for large ensemble

14 mins



for flute, clarinet, piano, violin and cello

11 mins



for bass viol and laptop

8 mins


The Sage

for violin and actor

10 mins


She Who Knows

for cello and percussion (traditional Korean percussion)

14 mins


Bang Zi

for solo recorder

8 mins


The Three Begets All

for clarinet, cello and piano

6 mins



for clarinet, horn and string trio

7 mins




Without Confusion

for orchestra

7 mins


Smoke Screen

for violin and piano

7 mins


Four Noble Truths

for thirteen players

10 mins



for flexible ensemble

7 mins


City of Memory

for soprano and piano

4 mins


Red Veil

for two voice and a jazz ensemble

5 mins


Somewhere Beyond the Void

for soprano, two clarinets, viola, cello and double bass

6 mins


The Doors of Perception

electronic for animation

2 mins




No Longer, Again

for orchestra

7 mins


Frozen Clouds

for ensemble

6 mins


Infinity Points

for two percussionists

12 mins


Side Light

for string quartet

11 mins



for violin, cello and piano

6 mins

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