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Four Postcards
​for piano (2022)

Work Preview

Four Postcards

for Krzysztof Moskalewicz

This piano suite Four Postcards includes Mountain City, Gulf, (blank) and Fate. The suite is dedicated to my family in China, whom I have missed during the recent years apart, to the beauty I have seen on the road and to all my future destinations. Working with Kryztof has been a wonderful and memorable experience. Not only his outstanding skills complimented the suites, his intuition and musical instinct largely inspired how I compose.


Mountain City was a 'postcard' of my grandad's hometown, Chongqing, a multi-layered woven city of laughter, bursting with noise; the last place I visited with friends and family before the pandemic in 2019. Gulf, is a 'postcard' from the Gulf of Finland which was inspired by an unforgettable golden sunset during the two-hour ferry journey from Tallinn to Helsinki. Fate, 'posted' from Lisbon, a night absorbed in the bustling streets, melancholy Fado music and colourful characters. Finally, a blank postcard, a journey yet to begin, a story yet to be told.

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