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​for violin and cimbalom (2021)

Work Preview

The inspiration of my piece came from Chinese calligraphy, and the name Yong in Chinese means forever or permanence. It was traditionally believed that the frequent practice of this character as a beginner calligrapher could ensure beauty in one's writing.The Eight Principles of Yong explain how to write eight common strokes in regular script. During the lockdown I have been also writing this character in order to practice my calligraphy and this inspired not only the structure of my piece but also the gestures and texture of the violin and the cimbalom. I hope that through the visualization of the calligraphy and the physicality within the practice, the music reflects the aesthetics and philosophy from a different perspective. 

Benedict Holland - Violin

Tim Williams - Cimbalom

Mark Thomas - Director of Photography

Rob Kelledy - Sound recording and Mastering

Tim Williams - Editor and Producer


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