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June, 15-17 2017 Shoreditch Town Hall

Bristol School of Animation Screen

Bristol School of Animation’s experimental animation project with Royal Academy of Music London enters ‘The Art of Chaos’ for three day festival in ‘The Ditch’, Shoreditch Town Hall.  WATCH VIDEO.

Our work also featured on Bristol School of Animation.

June, 15 2017 Shoreditch Town Hall

Political protest Cabaret event

A late-night intimate performance of political and protest songs hosted by legendary music journalist Paul Morley. Joined by Royal Academy of Music student performers and jazz musicians. My new protest song "Red Veil" texts by Jonahawk(Jon Walmsley) will be performed tomorrow evening 9.30pm at Shoreditch Town Hall.

May, 16 2017 DJRH @ Royal Academy of Music

Wellcome Collection presents: songbook for Dementia

A song for Soprano, 2 clarinets and a string trio written for Dementia sufferers in collaboration with Wellcome Collection project. Lyrics for Somewhere Beyond the Void were written by Jonahawk(Jon Walmsley) and told from the perspective of his grandmother. It is about the torment of losing one's memory throughout the many trials of drugs within a society that doesn't support euthanasia.

May, 2nd 2017 DJRH @ Royal Academy of Music

CoMA Ensemble London

COMA London is an ensemble of strings, woodwind, brass, piano, and percussion. The players are of mixed ability, some of a very high standard. The CoMA Ensemble London performed 6 new open score works by composers from RAM.
CoMA London

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