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that which is unseen...

for orchestra (2021)

Ensō ft. Huang Xiao

for dance (cello, bass and percussion)

Now I will do nothing but Listen ft. Huang Xiao

for cinematic choreography and ensemble

chuan ii

for natural horn


for flute solo

chuan ii

for natural horn

the bones, the land

for vioin and viola


for violin and cimbalom (2021)


for solo flute (2021)

With Thee

for piano


for guitar

Videos: About

One Cup of Milk

for opera aria (piano version)

Librettist Teresa Howard

The Sage

for violin and actor


for bass viol and laptop


for mixed ensemble

She Who Knows

for cello and percussion

the Doors of Perception

for animation


for solo recorder

Pilgrim of the Clouds

for tenor, violin, viola and cello

Red Veil

for 2 singers and jazz ensemble

(see full work list, please click here )

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