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Left to right: Reylon Yount, Alex Ho, Sun Keting, Daniel Shao, Naomi Woo


Tangram is a London-based artist collective catalysing transnational imagination and celebrating the vitality of Chinese cultures.​

Tangram Voices

Online concert series directed by Sun Keting

​funded by


Photography @ Noj

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Tangram Voices 7: Mantawoman ft. Mettashiba


Newly local singer-songwriter Mantawoman makes their Margate debut with an enchanting set on yangqin (Chinese hammered dulcimer). Joined by drummer/vocalist MettaShiba 慈柴, Manta will share iridescent improvisations and original “hypnopop” songs with an aim to inspire healing and transformation


Daniel Shao

Tangram Voices 6: LAOGANMAN - Daniel Shao, Mantawoman and Ben Nobuto


An evening exploring masculinity between China and the West, spanning old and new music, poetry and performing arts, through flute, electronic and yangqin performance, featuring two live premieres by Lucie Treacher and Sun Keting and a world premiere by Ben Nobuto.


Angela Hui Wai Nok

From the mundane and cynical to the joyous and provocative, join us for a delightful journey of sounds and systems exploring transient cultures, memories, and identities. Angela brings together wonderful artists Neil Luck, Jasmin Kent Rodgman, and James Larter to dive into the strange beauty - at once international and intimate - this world holds for the searching listener.


Cheng Yu (pipa, guqin)

From the ensemble that dazzled the world on the Shang Chi soundtrack, comes a mesmerising experience of music both ancient and new. 

Boasting a once-in-a-blue-moon instrumentation that features the 4000-year-strong guqin, the ear-tingling pipa, the iridescent yangqin and more, this spirited programme will swing audiences from antiquity to today.

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Yi-hsuan Chen (Flute)

Join Tangram Voices’ newest release - a transnational musical journey spanning three continents, curated and performed by Taiwanese flautist Yi-Hsuan Chen featuring special guests Fabricio Mattos and Joseph Halvat, and culminating in a world premiere by Brazilian composer Lucas F. Jordan.

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Chen Teng (Erhu)

Our second concert features Tangram's newest member, Chen Teng, performing an online concert of music for erhu including world premieres by Shruthi Rajasekar and Robin Haigh.

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Launch Concert

5-6PM 27 JUNE, 2020

Tangram Voices Online Launch

Fundraising for B.A.S.S

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