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that which is uneen...
​for orchestra (2021)

Work Preview

This piece is written for the London Philharmonic Orchestra Young Composers Programme 2020/21,

conducted by Jack Sheen (originally Brett Dean) and premiered by musicians from LPO and Foyle Future Firsts at the Royal

Festival Hall, 30th June 2021.

In Ikebana, the Japanese art of flower arrangement, “empty space” is considered to be a space for communication, where space is not really empty but consists of spirit, which evokes a place of holiness. Many of us recently, have been under such extreme conditions during lockdown, forced to keep distant and aware of what used to be normal, what we took for granted and what used to be unseen. When one looks at the art of flower arrangement, one learns to appreciate not only the beauty of the flowers and branches, but the empty space within and around. This piece is inspired by a particular modern flower arrangement I saw and is written for the unseen that exists in between. 

that which is unseen.._

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