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Pífū (skin)
​for flute (2021)

Work Preview

Commissioned and Performed by Daniel Shao, May 2021

Cameras: Lucie Treacher

Sound: Adaq Khan

Thanks to Peter Tompkins at the St Pancras Clock Tower for the space!

The name of this piece (pífū) in Chinese is skin. Inspiration has come from both the pronunciation and meaning of this word. I wanted to explore how spoken word could be sung and played with flute, when I started composing I had a list of words. Pífū was the most ordinary one, but somehow, I had very strong feeling towards the weight it carries in our society. By exploring the flute's natural acoustic, and the physicality expressed by the performer, I hope this piece brings more awareness to this word, and to tragedies of gendered and racial prejudice.

WhatsApp Image 2021-05-12 at 14.11.06.jpeg

live premiere as part of Tangram Voices #6

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