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​for flute, clarinet, piano, violin and cello (2018)

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The Scent of Sound concert 2018 Live performance


@ craxton studios London


Conductor: Elias Brown

Flute: Daniel Shao

Clarinet: Holly Isherwood

Piano: Harry Rylance

Violin: Richard Montgomery

Cello: Sarah Gait


Two years ago, I went on a road-trip to Inner Mongolia with some of my friends. If you ask me how I would describe that place, I’d probably use one word – boundless. There was the boundless steppe, the boundless sky, the boundless mountains and boundless passionate people. Thanks to my local friends, I was very lucky to experience some primitive folk music, traditional horse racing and tribal wrestling. I got to see how the locals live, feeling both their generosity and sacred, free spirits. Steppe is inspired by this trip and forms a tribute to Mongolian folk music. There are 3 movements in this piece:

I: Urtiin Duu

II: Dress Up and Dance

III: Morinii Duu

2nd Performance: FRIDAY, 4 OCTOBER 2019 FROM 19:00

Pierrot+ [new music for Pierrot ensemble and electronics] @ William Goodenough House

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