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Pilgrim Of The Clouds
for tenor and string trio (2020)

Work Preview

This piece was completed during the Creative Dialogue XI Aug, 2019 in Finland under the guidance of Kaija Saariaho, Anssi Karttunen and Daniel Belcher.

Thomas Zimmermann, tenor
Karolina Walarowksa, violin
Laura Paakkari, viola
Adele Xiang, cello

Text is derived from Writing Down What I See by Yuan Hongdao

The Setting sun brings a pallor to the face of autumn;
Floating clouds gather quickly into clusters.
They slant down, veiling the trees.
Only two of three mountains still visible in the haze.
My horse glances back at the bridge-spanned river;
A group of monks returns along a path of pine trees.
The cliff is too high – I can see no temple;
Suddenly, through the mist, I hear a temple bell.

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