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One Cup of Milk 
​for aria (2019)

Work Preview

One Cup of Milk​

(texts by Teresa Howan)

for soprano and mezzo-soprano

A family needs to find a way to hear each other or a girl will die.

Set in a London home, in the present.

Lyra (13 years old), has anorexia, an eating disorder which kills more people than any other mental illness.

The family are trying to care for Lyra, with the help of therapy and a book instructing them to act like dolphins swimming along beside her, not jellyfish or rhinos. They’ve been given a menu which Lyra must stick to in order to survive between therapy sessions where she will be weighed and have talking therapy, along with the rest of the family.


Giulia Giusi Maria Laudano - Soprano 

Silja Elsabet Brynjarsdottir - Mezzo

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