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Four Noble Truths
​for large ensemble (2017)

Work Preview

We are on a never-ending quest for understanding the world around us. Without thinking too much about the reality in front of our very eyes, we find ourselves instead filtering vast amounts of information into words and framing these ideas into conceptual models that serve to best describe our experiences. This endless search leads us away from ourselves; away from the core of simply being present, awake.
In short, this is the foundation of the “Four Noble Truths” and expresses the basic orientation of Buddhism.

1. Dukkha – human life is characterized by dissatisfaction, to live means to suffer.
2. Samudaya – this dissatisfaction arises within us; the origin of suffering is
3. Nirodha – we can realise the origin of our dissatisfaction; the cessation of suffering
is attainable.
4. Magga – freedom of mind; there is a path to the end of suffering.

Live recording in concert Carte Blanche composer's project, April 27th 2017 at the Royal Academy of music.


Conducted by Ben Glassberg.

Performed by
Tom Sargéaunt, flute
William Ball, oboe
Will White, clarinet
Hannah Rankin, bassoon
Joel Roberts, horn
Tom Freeman-Attwood, trumpet
Harry Rylance and Leona Crasi, piano
Matt Farthing, percussion
Richard Montgomery, violin
Toby Alexander Cook, viola
Joseph Donmall, cello
Emma Prince, double bass

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