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​for flute, yangqin and piano (2019)

Work Preview

Co- Commissioned by Silkroad and Tangram

(Video above)

Flute: Caroline Shaffer

Piano: Tae Kim

​Yangqin: Reylon Yount

Erasure is a piece for flute, piano and yangqin, inspired by ‘Erased de Kooning’ by Robert Rauschenberg, a painting that seems to me reveals the relationship between art and spirituality. This piece plays with concepts of ‘creation’ and ‘deletion’, considered within the same process, as a way of reflecting the practice of meditation where upon one gains thoughts as much as they learn to let them go. Erased de Kooning serves as a good example of how the removal of one subject can allow for the appearance of another ‘wonder’.

Blog on piece:

'Erasure' was commissioned by Tangram with generous support from Silk Road Ensemble. It was premiered at Rye Arts Festival on 22 September 2019 by Tangram. Its second performance was by Silk Road Ensemble at Boston Conservatory's Chamber Series on 27 September 2019.

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