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+−(polarity) was composed for this forgotten space in which elements or dimensions within it are abundant, yet normalized and near impossible to be given comprehendible descriptions; consciousness, motion, time and electricity. Through the soundscape that this music creates, my intention is to form our awareness and space as one. The essential idea of this piece requires a new way of layering instruments within an ensemble in the hope to heighten our perception of the space.

+− (polarity)
1. consciousness
2. motion
3. time
4. electricity


“We ignore space just because it is uniform, as water to fish and air to birds.” – Alan Watts

This piece was written for a large ensemble with a spacial layout.

Conducted by Tim Weiss, premiered by the Manson Ensemble at SPACED Festival,
Royal Academy of Music, November 2018

+- for large ensemble cover + notes_Page

+- (polarity)
​for large ensemble (2018)

Work Preview

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