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​for ensemble (2023)

Work Preview

This piece was written on the Composition and Performance Course in 2022 and

performed in the Aldeburgh Festival in June 2023.

The Composition and Performance Course is part of the Britten Pears Young Artist Programme.

My hometown of Xi'an in China has a deep-rooted history that goes back over 1400 years to the Tang Dynasty, where it was known as Tang, Chang'an. My piece takes inspiration from the traditional court music of that era, particularly the unique blend of percussive and string instrumentation that characterized the Tang Chang'an Ancient music style. Rather than precisely emulate these instruments, I aimed to capture the essence of their sound, using the framework to blend in elements of rock and jazz to create a musical interpretation. I sought to pay homage to this musical heritage while simultaneously infusing it with new life and energy.

Matt Jolly: filmmaker

Jonathan Berman: conductor

Claire Booth: vocal tutor

Colin Matthews: composition mentor

Otis Enokido-Lineham: assistant conductor


Elicia Neo: violin

Tiago Soares: Silva violin

Miguel Sobrinho: viola

Alasdair Morton-Teng: cello

Richard English: bass

Hannah Gillingham: flute

Tommy Hill: oboe

Raymond Brien: clarinet

Emily Newman: bassoon

George Strivens: horn

Tom Kearsey: trumpet

Kalun Leung: trombone

Tom Hall: percussion

Lise Vandersmissen: harp

Rob Hao: piano/celeste

David Palmer: piano/celeste/harmonium

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